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So there is a sewer-like smell in your kitchen, bathroom or toilet and it just won’t go away. Yes, it has happened, plumbing fixtures such as piped are clogging. Do you need unclogging or a drain cleaning? It depends on whether you want a quick fix or a more permanent solution.

Hire a plumber in Utrecht for unclogging your drain, sewer, sink or other pipes!

The cause of clogs

The primary causes of clogs in your drain are hair, feminine products, toilet paper, tree roots and normal sludge buildup. All of the causes are more or less inevitable.

Drain clearing or unclogging

Drain clearing is also known as unclogging. This is an easy fix for drain blockage. You can either do it yourself by using a drain unblocker or you can call in an expert. 

A plumber can help you unclog your sink, sewer or drains. The pipes will be clean again. The unclogging will be done in a professional way. Besides that, the unclogging will come with a warranty. In case we didn’t do it right, we will fix it right away. 

Drain cleaning

We can also clean your drains. In that case, we will remove the source of the blockage completely. The cleaning will make sure the smell will disappear. This is a more permanent solution than unclogging or drain clearing. 

What should I choose?

Unfortunately we cannot tell you what to do. We often find that customers base their choice on their immediate needs (and the smell). The quick fix is less costly, but the blockage remains in your pipes. These blockages will cause larger problems over time. 

The years of experience has taught us customers usually pick the quick fix at first, but come back later for the more permanent solution. 

So the quick fix beats the permanent solution on a short term. But since the problem can grow bigger over time, the expenses will be higher. 

If you’d like our help or whenever you have questions about the best option for you, you can contact us by filling in the form on the right. In case of emergency, you can use the buttons to message or call us right away. 

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